WordPress is a content management system (CMS) originally designed as a platform for Bloggers but has evolved into a system that is most widely used in all types of web applications from simple business websites, to complex directory systems, social sites including dating and social media and e-commerce etc.

As one of the most widely and flexible content management system we have adopted WordPress as our primary CMS for most of the websites we design.

Being as popular as it is, the support is excellent so deploying websites for our clients is the obvious choice.  Today it is important that website owners also need to have the capacity to make minor changes whenever required instead of being at the beck and call of web developers who generally delay updates and they have to be paid for their time and effort with a fairly high cost.  Some developers charge as much as a surgeon does.

We have many reasons for having adopted WordPress as our preferred CMS. Here are a 10 great reasons but there are many more to this list:

  1. Simple and easy to use and Low maintenance Cost

With the abundance of WordPress resources available online, there is no need to learn coding.  Anyone with minimal knowledge can easily deploy a WordPress website.  The support is amazing and clients who have had their websites on the WordPress platform find it a pleasure to edit and manage their own websites.  No need for expensive web developers for trivial changes.  WordPress is currently the most popular open-source software that can be used for just about any type of website, from Blogs, Directory, Property and Auto Listing, and most amazingly it is the preferred platform for the majority of ecommerce websites.

  1. Stable and Innovative

Due to its popularity and support available, WordPress has proven to be the CMS of choice by clients and service providers.  The continuous updates make it stable and less likely to be affected by viruses, hackers and cyber criminals.  The security updates are on a continuous basic thus reassuring its millions of users worldwide. Regular updates mean that the CMS stays relevant, problems are resolved, and new useful and exciting features are added regularly.

  1. Amazing Designs and Themes for every Need

WordPress comes with thousands of themes and the options are increasing on almost a daily basis.  Most themes are free, but with the abundance of themes available its rarely necessary to buy a theme.  The themes are generally compatible with most plugins allowing for just about any functions to be incorporated to the theme of choice.

  1. Plugins

There are thousands of plugins, free and paid options, readily available to enhance your website with some real crazy features. A great feature of WordPress is that it is not isolated from other platforms such as the various social media platforms and search engines.  Integration with social media is easy and there are plugins that can help integrate your WordPress platform with practically all the social media platform.  Did you know! you can connect your WooCommerce database with your Facebook E-store.  WordPress makes available thousands of API’s, giving you the freedom to integrate outside resources into your website.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a website that fails to rank on search engines?  The great thing about WordPress is that there are some great easy to use plugins that will optimise your website for super search results given that the website has the right content.  Technically there is no need to employ supposedly SEO specialist who generally come at a cost of an “arm and a leg”, and in most instances add no real value. One such plugin that we use widely is Yoast WordPress SEO, however there are many more good ones out there.

  1. Easy Content ManagementSystem

If you know the basics of working with computers and working with Word Documents, then WordPress will be “child’s Play”.  All you need from your design company is the login credentials and you will be on your way to managing and upkeeping your website. Download our Support for Managing your WordPress Website Here and Managing Your E-commerce Website Here. Another great feature if you are the Administrator, is that you can allocate roles to other persons to help manage the site from such as other administrators, Editors, Subscribers, Shop Managers etc.

  1. Responsive and Functionalities

One of the key elements of a good website is the ability of it rendering itself on all devices and browsers.  Imagine being told – To view the Website you should use Opera and a PC for a better experience.  Web platform must be totally responsive and developers should understand this rather than expecting the world to go out and change devices just to visit a specific platform.  With thousand of different devices and manufacturers continually releasing newer models, all web platforms need to adapt and provide an experience that is not compromised due to coding inefficiencies.  Fortunately WordPress has proven itself to be amazingly responsive and will render beautifully  all devices from Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones and also on the different browsers.

  1. Scalability

Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows for future changes with ease.  There is no need to abandon what you have because your business may have grown or diversified a bit.  With the resources available a standard business information website could for instance in a matter of hours be transformed to a complete E-commerce Website, a Blog, Directory etc.  Should you want to start publishing a Newsletter or Do Email Marketing directly from you web platform, this can be easily incorporated again with tons of plugins that will allow this and within minutes. This kind of scalability is generally not often possible with customised proprietary designs and where possible with such software, could cost a lot.

  1. Speed

Did you know you can have your Web CMS up and running within a few hours? It is because of this that we offer our services to our valued clients within a day or two.  Gone are the days when one had to wait for weeks and month to have a website developed and deployed.  This is also a factor that has made WordPress websites affordable.

  1. Community and Support

WordPress is open source and has over the years attracted not just users but other software and coding developers who have contributed by way of plugins and themes much of which is available Free of cost.  Did you know, you too can develop plugin or themes for WordPress and avail them for the world to use.  It’s also a platform where a lot of contributors earn a tidy amount of revenue through paid templates, plugins and customised support including donations by persons and organisations.  The WordPress community includes thousands of developers, technicians and volunteers providing free advice and support on various forums. All you need to do is post your query be for advice on which plugin to use or just about any stumbling block you encounter   and you are sure to receive tons of solutions in no time.

Our Favourite to add to the list is Cost.  

With WordPress as our primary development platform, we can offer our valued clients web services at the fraction of the cost that most companies charge.  The benefit for our clients also is that it is relatively easy to find WordPress designers and developers if more customization or development is necessary in the future. You don’t get locked down by a static website or proprietary CMS that is costly to effect changes after initial development

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